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There are currently several pool resurfacing options available in the market. However, to make the best decision for your pool surfaces, you need to weigh in your options into helpful categories such as durability and longevity.

Glasscoat and plaster are two of the most common type of coating for pool surfaces. Glasscoat is a specialized high-performance polymer glass-fiber coating that is used to protect painted fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, and steel surfaces against stains, spalling, cracks, corrosion, and stains. On the other hand, plaster is a material used to make pool surfaces smoother and improve the aesthetic appeal of the pool.

These two coatings offer several benefits, however, to know which of the two works best for your pool, here’s a comparison between glasscoat and plaster.

START-UPThe start-up process is simple because the material quickly cures, does not need consistent brushing. The start-up process is complicated since it requires intensive attention and consistent brushing.
DURABILITYIt provides superior coating strength preventing possible corrosion. The natural strength of glasscoat ensures durability. Durability depends on how the material was applied. Plaster is prone to dis-bonding and chipping due to poor adhesion.
WARRANTYProvide more substantial warranty coverage.Offers limited warranty coverage.
LIFESPANThe coating is expected to last for 30+ years.Lifespans depend on several factors including, maintenance, plaster mixture, water chemistry, and application method. The average lifespan is 5-8 years.
AESTHETIC APPEALAesthetic appeal is easily maintained due to its resistance to stains.The aesthetic appeal may lessen due to stains and deterioration.
WATER CHEMISTRYTolerates imbalanced water chemistry.Sensitive to imbalanced water chemistry.
CHEMICAL USAGEReduce the use of chemical use due to the inert component of Glasscoat, and it also makes pool chemicals more efficientIt requires a high demand for chemical usage because the surface is reactive.
ALGAE RESISTANCEDue to the smooth, non- porous, and dense surface finish, it prevents algae from cohering.Since plaster is a porous finish, algae can easily adhere to the surface.
STAIN RESISTANCEGlasscoat provides a stain-resistant easy to clean surface.Low resistance to stains even after application.
ROUGHNESSGentle to feet since it provides a smooth finishing.As plaster ages, the roughness of the surface also increases.
STRUCTURAL CRACKSPrevents pool cracks by adding structural strength to the surface. Easily shows some cracks and leaks if the pool has substantial movement.

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