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Pool Repair Takeaways: 7 Most Common Pool Problems You May Now Be Encountering in Las Vegas NV

Problems you may now be Encountering: After several years, your swimming pool may show different types of issues that can only be fixed by a licensed Las Vegas pool repair company. You might have observed some of these problems with your own pool. For you to be more familiar, here are the 11 most common swimming pool issues you may now be facing.

Serious Leaks

Serious swimming pool leaks are usually due to poor installation or simply because it has been standing for many years. If you’ve noticed that the water level in your pool is quickly going down, your pool certainly has some serious leaks. This type of problem needs to be addressed immediately.

Rough pool surface

Rough pool surfaces can lead to some accidents such as cuts and ankle sprain, and it also makes a person swim uncomfortably. Pool exteriors often become rough when the pool’s pH level rises, in the process of delamination, crazing or is located in a negative environmental state. These scenarios cause pitting and calcium nodule build up.

To resolve this problem, acid washing, shaving, and sanding are recommended. However, if it returns it needs to be replastered.

Ugly unremovable stains

Most pool stains are usually due to the absence of waterline, chemically imbalanced water, in between pauses during pool filling, or improper application of the paster.

The ugly unremovable swimming pool stains can be removed through acid washing or pool resurfacing.

Growing molds

Having growing molds in your swimming pool can cause several health problems such as headaches, rashes, nausea, asthmas attacks, and severe lung infection.

Molds grow when the water alkalinity level is imbalanced. To avoid this from happening, always maintain the normal alkalinity level of your pool.

Obvious Structural cracks

A poorly constructed swimming pool usually shows some serious structural cracks which cause water leaks. This type of issue needs immediate attention and prompt solution.


Scaling happens when the water alkalinity, pH, and calcium levels are imbalanced. You may start to notice some calcium or other minerals building up in some areas of your pool. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to regularly brush the walls of your residential pool and apply a pre-diluted acid before filling it up with water.


If you noticed that your swimming pool is flaking and peeling off from the bottom side, it might be due to improper trowelling techniques that were done during the installation. Spalling can be fixed through replastering or overlaying sand on the surface depending on how large the area is.

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