Contractor flattening concrete in a pool coping

Poured in place coping is a method of installing concrete that does not require using forms or molds. 

Instead, the concrete is poured directly into the area where you will place it, then finished with a decorative edging to make it look nice.

Concrete poured in place can be used for many things, including patios, driveways, sidewalks, and even pool remodeling projects.

This is also an effective way to resurface a pool plaster that will eventually wear.

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What is Poured in Place Coping Technique for Pool Remodeling?

Poured in place is a construction technique that involves pouring concrete directly into place. It’s a great way to create a new pool or replace an existing one, and you can do it in just a few hours.

It creates a white plaster surface, excluding color enhancements.

The process varies depending on your preferences. Generally, you’ll need to mix up some concrete, form it into shapes with boards or other tools and install it along the edge of your pool using fasteners.

The look and feel of this type of product depend on what kind you choose.

You could use something like bluestone or marble chips for an elegant look that’ll last forever. 

For a more rustic effect, you can also go with something casual like crushed stone or pea gravel.

You can enhance its function by applying a clear polymer coating, and the outcome looks great for modern pools.

Whatever look you’re going for, poured-in-place coping will help give your pool a finished look so that people can enjoy it from all angles.


Kidney shaped pool with clear water and features on the side

Advantages of Poured-in-Place

1. Aesthetic Advantages

Poured-in-place steps can be shaped in any way to get your desired outcome. 

You can create custom designs that fit your home’s architecture or add flair with decorative patterns or colors.

2. Ease of Process

Poured-in-place steps are easy to install and don’t require much maintenance after they’re installed. 

You can also easily customize the shape and depth of your pour by adding more concrete during installation if necessary.

3. Variety of Designs

Poured steps are available in many styles, including curved and straight edges and rounded corners for an elegant look. 

Some options even include textured surfaces for extra grip when wet!

You can also go for more modernized material with quartz and pebbles. 

Check out our other blogs to find out how to apply this to your blue quartz project for your swimming pools

4. Convenient and Fast Installation

You do not need to remove any existing coping, which can be time-consuming. 

Instead, you pour concrete into the existing coping to create the new design. Poured in coping is an excellent option if you are looking for a low-cost solution for remodeling your pool.

Custom shaped pool with clear water and pool coping

Important: Choosing the Best Pool Coping is the Key

Poured in place coping is an excellent option for those who want something that looks good but saves more time or money. 

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If you do this, you can achieve excellent pool plastering Las Vegas, NV. 

There is no need for extra steps like pouring an entire slab and then adding to the deck later.

The best part about it? You can customize your deck however you want.

Whether a simple straight edge or something more intricate, the poured-in-place coping technique gives you complete control over how your deck looks and feels, all while saving time and money.

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