Pool cover for winter

Winter is cold in Las Vegas, so you should close the swimming pools for a while. In closing, your pool decks and plastering acquired minor damages like cracks and dents. 

A Pool Resurfacing Las Vegas repair team would come to your rescue.

While most commercial pool properties would be open, there will be days that owners have to close them.

Does it Snow in Vegas, and What To Do With Your Pools?

While Vegas is a semi-humid region, winter will be cold. It does snow in vegas early in November, and the thickest snow would reach up to 4 inches. 

So the swimming pools would close on these days.
But what do you do with your pools to avoid damage? 

First, call a pool expert to help you. Pool Resurfacing Las Vegas is the leading pool expert in the area. These Las Vegas pool cleaners are pros and can help close up your pools during winter.

There are also pool repair companies that repair and patch up damages on your swimming pool.

However, some owners need to pay more attention to their pools during these off-seasons. 

Many pool owners suffer due to unsolved cracks and damage in their swimming pools.

In states like Las Vegas, huge problems arose regarding pool maintenance during winter and cold seasons. 

Also, cracks are harder to fix during these seasons. Thus, it is necessary for someone who knows what to do to be on board.

Avoid These Mistakes to Prevent Concrete Pool Cracks

1. Not Cleaning Your Pool Before Closing During Winter

Cleaning your pool is necessary before you close it for winter.

Check your pool walls and remove unnecessary debris that could ruin the swimming pool during the closing.

It is essential to clean thoroughly to remove anything that could harm your swimming pool. 

You can do a deep clean to prevent molds and algae growth.

Pool Cleaning

2. Dumping a Bunch of Winterization Chemicals Into the Pool

Chemicals are essential when winterizing your pool. However, you need to be wary of what kind of chemicals you are dumping. 

Some of them can harm and cause cracks and damage to your pool.

Check out your local swimming pool repair Las Vegas NV on how to deal with your chemicals.

A chemical like chlorine shock is necessary for water treatment. Algaecide can work to kill bacteria and algae. 

However, mixing chlorine shock with algaecide together renders both chemicals useless. Thus, it is necessary to follow the process of adding chemicals to the pool.

3. Not Draining All The Water From the Pump and Filter System

When you do not drain all the water from the pump and filter system of the pool, it expands, and it will cause pool damage during winter.

Drain all parts of the pump and filter system, remove these parts and store them properly during winter. 

Pool equipment repair Las Vegas can help you with the pump and filter system removal and storage.

4. Ignoring Signs of Pool Troubles and Problems

Ignoring signs of pool troubles and problems is a big mistake of a pool owner.

When you spot signs and details that could indicate a problem, call your pool maintenance guy and see if it is resolvable.

Be sure to tackle the problem before the end of the winter. You can ask someone from swimming pool repair las vegas to help you navigate the issue.

5. Closing Your Pool Without Proper Knowledge and Tools

Cleaning will require you to have the correct and proper tools to avoid damage.

You can DIY to winterize your pool. However, you might need help with the process. 

Incorrect pool closing will also lead to possible damage to your swimming pool. 

Thus, get someone who knows to help you, like pool repair Las Vegas, Nevada team.

The Best Way to Handle Thaw-Freeze Cracks

You can use a concrete sealer to treat the freeze cracks. Sealers are beneficial as it locks out water from the concrete cracks completely.

When crucial freeze cracks occur, patching up will not be your only solution. 

You can try pool deck resurfacing to repair the damage or update the whole thing.

When the inevitable comes, the best way is to let professional pool repair Las vegas NV handle the job.

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