During summer, months away is the perfect time to get a pool repair in Las Vegas, Nevada. You probably think you would not need to pay attention to the swimming pools during the cold seasons. 

While another state will wait for the winter to pass, some humid regions in the US can use this opportunity to power up their commercial pool areas.

Dirty swimming pool

Indoor hot pool spas or therapy pools can be an excellent offering for several guests, and tourists dip in number at the moment. And then use the time to resurface the pool decks and the concrete tools in the area. 

Now that you have decided to get a pool repair, watch out for the following common pool problems that need to get fixed.

8 Common Problems Emerging in the Pools

Seeing damages early while the pool is still waiting for the peak seasons will save you your pool resurface cost. You might not be using the swimming areas that much when winter is around, so, better have your pool cleaning services for a check-up and maintenance.

Pool Water Turning Green

The most common problem that many owners can see is pool water turning green. There are many possible reasons why this occurs. That will include molds and plant-like species growing in the pool, but you’ll learn more of that later. 

For now, the one that immediately alters the watercolor is the presence of outdoor elements like leaves, soil, and all these combined. Rotting leaves and twigs that dissolve in the pool water turn the color green. It is due to the long days the swimming area has not been used.

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Dirty water in pool

Clogged Filter

Aside from turning the water into green, dirt in the pool will also lead to a clogged pool filter. Plus, lint and residue from the fabric, hairs, and sometimes animal fur will add to the things blocking the pool filter. Especially among residential pools, people are more relaxed using the leisure spot with fewer restrictions. With that said, be also prepared to find wrappers, pieces of the tiny solid materials that block the filter. 


Cracks often happen in concrete pools. When not in use, the water is out of the basin. You get left with an empty concrete tub. Weather changes can quickly form cracks on the concrete pool surface. Also, when you drain the water out without proper cleaning or polishing of the pool coping, residue of chemicals or salt compounds.


Scaling is another thing common to concrete pools. This usually happens due to a weak concrete mix. That is why the surface begins to scale or chip off. The most appropriate fix when this happens is pool resurfacing.


Flaking will tell you more about the concrete plaster having trouble with extreme temperatures in the region. This will also give a signal about considering applying concrete coating to fix the issue. Flaking is more of a surface problem that can be easily covered up with resurfacing.


A leak is a problem that may involve concrete reinforcement or concrete coating. 

First, you will notice a leak on the pool if one edge of the pool coping spurts out dirty, murky water. That means the concrete layers beneath the plaster had cracked.

A leak can also happen at the base of the pool plastering. When cracks grow bigger on the feet of the pool basin, the water might leak deep within the pool reinforcement.

Algae Buildup

Here is an emphasis on water turning green. Algae build-up can turn worse if not fixed earlier. Not only will it cause murky green water. The presence of algae will make the pool surface slippery. It will not be fun swimming if you splash and slip, finding it hard to balance yourself at the foot of the swimming pool.


Stains are a big turn-off. No one will ever want to splash and dive in swimming pools filled with stains. Having that on the face of the concrete will make the entire setup look undesirable.

Stain on the bottom of pool


Now that you know these common problems, get an immediate solution. Take this winter season as an opportunity to call them for an early quotation of your pool repair needs. A nearby pool service Las Vegas in your area will be more than willing to help out.

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