Enhancing the features around the pool area with durable material can stand even the worst time of the year! Winter.

The snowflake falling might give some of you the wonderful time of the year feel but not for the pool decks and the exterior concrete surfaces.

Winter and outdoor floors do not go well together, and cold weather causes the concrete slabs to expand and contract when the climate changes.

Open pool in winter

With cracks beginning to appear on the surface, you need to call a swimming pool repair Las Vegas expert to see and fix the damages. 

There is no escaping the effects of winter, but there are ways you can upgrade the pools to protect the area from below zero temperature.

Continue reading to learn three tips for protecting your pool from the damaging cold outside. These tips will keep your pool in good shape and will reduce your resurfacing pools costs in the long run.

Enhance Your Pool Features

Upgrade The Pool With The Latest Technology

Not to sound vague, but your coils only pinpoint the latest tech that suits the facilities in your home when you ask a local contractor and supplier near you.

When looking for a tech to add to your pool decks, look for things that help in your cost-saving solutions.

Examples of these would be low-energy pumps and filter systems. Pump systems use and generate power, and old types of these machines cost higher in longer terms.

At first, you may get disappointed with the price you have to pay for the newest innovation in the market.

But as time goes by, you will notice your electric bills consume lesser energy, and you’re convinced that the price is worth it.

Using devices and machines that are low in energy consumption will help you save during winter.

You may want o use pool heating systems to enjoy swimming during winter. It is possible; however, you get surprised with the bills to come.
Remember that another heating appliance is at work this time of the year that may double your average electric fees.

Drain The Pool Equipment

Pool equipment

It may also be that you want to leave the pools alone when the heavy snow begins to fall.

A cess called winterization is an essential practice where you need to cover the basin and the exterior. But before you do that, you must drain the entire pool water system.

When the snow freezes the whole community, the concrete exterior and interior of the swimming area will also freeze.

If residue of water or moist is found in the pipe of the filter and drainage whole, those will freeze, causing cracks on the walls and floors of the swimming area.

Install Pool Cover

Pool cover to protect from winter

Another way is to leave the water inside the pool and keep a heating system running, but a pool cover is necessary.

Some above-ground pools have covers attached to them, and usually, those covers are made from waterproof and anti-freeze materials.

Its purpose is to cover the pool so that the low temperature will not freeze the water inside the basin. This method is helpful since you do not need to drain the water.

Having a full water level also helps protect the pool coping and shell from the crack-causing freeze.


Keeping a pool in good condition is not always an easy task; it comes with challenges and the need to save money, especially during the winter. However, doing so brings fun and enjoyment when summer arrives. Learn more about how to winterize a pool.

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