Combine the perfect shape of the pool deckings and the balance pool chemistry. You got pool safety. A good balance of fun and safety is possible by working with Las Vegas pool repair experts. 

For today’s blog, you will learn tips to make your swimming pools safe, in and out.

Safe and clean residential pool

Making The Swimming Pool A Safe Place To Be: 10 Tips

Today’s list would focus on five ways to make swimming safe by improving the pool’s interior and five that would enhance the exterior. 

Here is a quick breakdown:

Interior pool safety

  1. Repair pool floor cracks
  2. Resurface damaged pool plastering
  3. Make sure pool filters are working
  4. Make sure to cover the main drain
  5. Balance the pool chemistry

Exterior pool safety

  1. Repair cracks on the pool decks
  2. Build around fence
  3. Put up pool rules (especially for commercial pools)
  4. Install pool alarm
  5. Add lighting and clear up the deckings around the pool

Let’s begin from the outside in. Start with setting up the safety around and outside the swimming pool. 


1. Repair Cracks In The Pool Decks 

Consider the pool decks a main part of the swimming pool. When this part receives damages, it is an alarming situation that requires repairs as quickly as possible. Leaving cracks on the decking would cause various damaging effects to the entire pool. 

Cracks on the pool decks are worrisome that could trip someone over and make them fall on the pool water. So, do not delay and repair the pool decks ASAP!

2. Build Fencing Around The Pool Area

Fencing would both serve as privacy safety and safety to prevent accidents. Those who would benefit from this the most are children, and fencing keeps children from roaming away from the pool, keeping them secure and within sight of their parents. 

3. Put Up Pool-Rules Signages

This third exterior pool safety tip would be more suitable for commercial swimming facilities. Of course, you would want to remind everyone of their safety. But even in your residential pool areas, you could give extra protection by putting up pool safety signages. You can add a little artistry to it to customize and coincide with your properties’ exterior. 

4 ft and no diving signages beside the pool

4. Install A Pool Alarm

A pool alarm would be more for security purposes. An alarm works if someone enters the pool, especially at night, some people break into houses through the backyard. Instaling a safety alarm would let you know if someone had entered your property.

5. Bring Brightness And Clarity Around The Pool Decks

Now, safety would be best during nighttime around the pool. The best way to do this is with lights around the pools. Light up the pool deckings and brighten them up by clearing the surrounding. Put clutters away like pool toys, slippers or items left behind, etc. 


1. Repair Pool Cracks

Cracks are inevitable when you got concrete as the flooring material for any space. However, those cracks exist due to natural occurrences. If the reinforcement is adequately placed, you can quickly restore the smooth and polished surface with resurfacing. A concrete pool sealer will do good, and there are products and pool resurfacing options accessible to fix the pool cracks immediately.

2. Resurface Damaged Gunite Or Pool Plastering

Gunite or the floor found inside the water basin may acquire various forms of damage. Holes or cracks can happen. And mainly because the facility is situated outdoors, natural phenomena are the leading causes of damage. Resurfacing or pool plastering lets you have new-looking pool floors that would also add durability to the existing plaster.

3. Make Sure Pool Filters Are Working

Make sure that the filter systems are working correctly. This would help keep the pool water safe and clean as the pool-goers are swimming the entire time. 

Swimming pool filter engine

4. Make Sure To Cover The Main Drain

Did you know there are dangers to an uncovered main drain inside the water basin? Some people may get caught in it. Or air pressure can suck someone towards the whole if left uncovered.

5. Balance The Pool Chemistry

The pool chemistry is the water pH level is vital for keeping everyone safe and healthy. The right amount of salinity in the pool water helps keeps bacteria away, making a balance of water chemicals that will not jeopardize someone’s heath. Also, keeping the right amount of salinity would help save the material from acquiring chemical stains and other damages.

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