Fiberglass pools Las Vegas NV is one of the most efficient and durable pool resurfacing options. Like concrete that offers convenience with superb features, you would still need to observe proper maintenance and cleaning.

If you are planning to have fiberglass pools or if you have them already, here are five essential maintenance tips to consider to make your swimming pool areas well kept for safety and efficient use.

Commercial pool with fiberglass surface

Fiberglass Pools Maintenance 101: 5 Ways To Safe Swimming

Today’s post will learn about the five essential maintenance for fiberglass swimming pools. Although this material is low maintenance, observing proper ways to use and treat the pool area before and after heavy use. Doing so will save you costs of expensive replacement and repairs at home.

1. Regular Cleaning

There is no hard science behind regular cleaning, and it is a standard tip that both expert pool installers and ordinary homeowners would agree with. Cleaning is the top maintenance method anyone can do, and there is no need for complex tools or a time-consuming process to make polished and seamless pool floorings. Once you maintain a regular cleaning practice, everything else will follow.

This is also the secret to commercial pools. Luxury pools in the Ceasar Palace or Excalibur hotel maintain the complex rock swimming facilities with regular cleaning.

2. Check For The Water Chemistry 

Aside from keeping clean pool interiors, the next important part of maintenance is keeping balanced water chemistry. 

The swimming pool water is crucial for making pool-goers safe inside the pool. Be sure that the water’s alkaline content is enough to prevent the build-up of germs. 

3. Maintain Water Level

After balancing the water alkalinity, make sure that you keep the water at the right level above the skimmer. The water’s surface should be NOT too low nor too high that it spills onto the decks of the swimming pool, and the level should be just enough for the skimmer to take out excessive dirt that could float on the water surface.

You want to avoid going over the required water level inside the pool because mud or dirt could quickly get into the water. When that happens, the pool water will cloud faster, building residue of dirt and stains on the fiberglass covering the pool.

Fiberglass pool with just right water level

4. Run Water Filter

Running the water filter would keep the entire pool space clean, especially if you have fiberglass pool flooring. But unlike concrete pools, the fiberglass swimming pool requires lesser maintenance, and the fiberglass pool surface does not accumulate molds and sticky stains quickly. 

5. Work With a Reliable Pool Contractor

A fiberglass pool is as efficient as a concrete gunite pool, with less cost. It is 10% less costly than concrete. 

Having that said, hiring a fiberglass pool contractor would be the best move. Only professionals could apply the flooring materials carefully and effectively. Moreover, fiberglass is lighter than concrete, so installing it without proper skills and knowledge can damage the material even before you use it. 

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