blue swimming poolWhen it’s hot outside, people tend to take a quick dip or take a long bath in the big blue pool. Pools are a refreshing oasis in your backyard that adds appeal and increases the value of a property. With this, do you have plans for installing your dream pool area in your home? Are you excited but still clueless about what kind and material to use for the installation? There are various types of pools, like inground pools, fiberglass inground pools, and vinyl liner pools. It depends on the material used in construction and installation. You have choices, and more pool resurfacing products than ever before. Moreover, there are a lot of things to consider, such as cost, designs, quality and durability, maintenance, and even aesthetic aspect. You will also need to deal with chemicals and other materials that can be challenging to manipulate.

You might want to consider having a fiberglass pool in your place. Fiberglass Pools Las Vegas NV is a company that can help you achieve your dream pool project in no time. But first, let me share with you some of the relevant information and features about this kind of pool so that you can fully decide on getting one. 

What Is A Fiberglass Pool?

This is a pool made from a material produced by a mixture of glass fibers or threads and polyester resin. Fiberglass is lightweight and with moderate tensile strength. This material is guaranteed durable, easy to handle, and most commonly used in yachts and even airplanes.

In a regular concrete pool, there is a need for layering a wood or steel framework with a concrete mixture (cement, water, and sand). On the other hand, the fiberglass pool is a ready-to-install type, which includes integrated landscaping and relaxation features. In Nevada, such pools are particularly appreciated for their efficient filtration equipment, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing overall enjoyment.

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Why Choose A Fiberglass Pool?

Aside from the material utilized for the pool’s construction, it is vital to know other factors to consider in getting this kind of pool and its benefits. 


Las Vegas fiberglass pool resurfacing cost is one of the main concerns in home improvements. Is it cost-effective? Most of the time, the final decision ends up with an economical choice. In pool fiberglass pool installation, the final cost is to determined from the size, shape, yard topography, and other customizations. The average cost for a fiberglass pool is around $45,000 but may cost higher depending on the mentioned factors. 

Also, ordinary re-plastering would last for about seven years, while the shell of the fiberglass would last 3 or 4 times the usual. As a result, it provides less financial burden to the maintenance of the pool.

Fiberglass pool installation is no easy job and needs professional help from experts like Pool Resurfacing Las Vegas. 

Quality And Durability

With the material used, fiberglass pools can endure any movement of the ground. It is highly durable that it can last for 30 years or more. Because of this, we consider fiberglass as having the highest quality among the types of pool. 

This type of pool can also tolerate different kinds of weather. In the winter season, as water freezes, the pool shell expands in an upward direction making it crack-safe from the pressure exerted by the ice. 


A fiberglass pool involves low maintenance. Why? Instead of the usual pool plastering, the fiberglass pool utilizes a gel-coat texture. Because of this, it is stress-free to maintain. The gel coat makes a fiberglass pool impervious to discoloration, algae, and stains. This layer allows convenience in keeping the cleanliness of the pool. 

When the gel coat wears out in time, consider doing pool resurfacing. This option lets you refurbish the advantages of having a low maintenance requirement at a low cost. Plus, the sparkling appearance from a smooth gel-coat finish is what makes it all the more interesting.


Besides the fact that it is resistant to any stain and algae because of the gel coat, the pool appears very pleasing with the uniform color provided by the fiberglass surface.

blue body of water in front of building near trees during nighttime

Are you still having double thoughts about fiberglass swimming pools? Consult our skillful fiberglass pools Las Vegas contractors for more details and assistance. To get a quote for the cost of pool resurfacing and remodeling, we will personally visit your pool. With fiberglass, your dream pool is possible at an affordable cost, no matter the size or complexity. Our process includes integrating spas, waterfalls, or any other customized part to enhance your experience. You will be confident that our customer service in Nevada and the use of the most durable materials will leave you stress-free in maintaining the beauty of your luxury pool for your family.

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