Swimming pools are an excellent asset among residences in Las Vegas. Hotels and leisure parks also flourish in this lively city. Swimming pools must have regular maintenance, as it is often in use by locals and tourists who visit here. It is no doubt that you need to get a Las Vegas pool repair as often as the need arises.

Now the question, how regular is regular maintenance. Some signs will tell you that you need pool cleaning and maintenance. Here are practical tips guiding how to see them.

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Tip #1- Clean to see Common Pool Problem

Check your pools at least once or twice a week, especially if you are a Las Vegas commercial pool owner. Residential pools need a check for maintenance once a week to at least twice a month.

A cleaning routine helps you see common pool problems. If you see the following irregularities, you’ll be able to set a plan to schedule regular weekly cleaning to a general deep repair and restoration. Here are signs common to a damaged pool area.

Water turning green

Mold turns pool water green. To prevent this, you have to skim leaves and grass floating above the pool water regularly.

Do this at least twice a week. Scrub the concrete walls and flooring to make sure that no spot for molds and lime to breed in the pool basin.

Cloudy water

Ever swam in a cloudy pool. Pool water must be clear. When you start seeing the water clouds faster than it should, it tells you to check the pool decking and change the water immediately.

Cloudy water is a sign telling you a cracked concrete settles underneath. It calls for repair or resealing. You can avoid murky water by scrubbing the pool decks to prevent an excess of mud or debris of soil and stones from coming into the pool basin. At least wash the decks every after using the pool.

Clogged Filter

When you clean the pool often, you will be able to see ahead of damaging problems. One of the most common causes of trouble is a clogged filter. It is rare for you to check the filters. These are hidden areas. To see and check them, you must commit to a weekly or monthly pool cleaning.

Tip #2- Daily Skimming to Catch Lint and Leaves

Skimming over the water surface is the simplest but most effective cleaning idea that you must perform regularly. This cleaning tip can be part of your morning exercise. Use a pool skimmer made of a net and an extending handle or pole to catch dried or falling leaves carried into the pool.

In this way, you’ll prevent threads from cloth and hair from swimming around the pool. When strands and thread gather inside, it will form into lint. Lint causes clogs in the filter. A clogged filter will cause the pump and filter system to malfunction.

Tip #3- Scheduled Power Washing

Now a power washing the pool deck is necessary maintenance for pools. You can call a professional pool repair or cleaners team to pressure water to deepen the pool area.

A deep clean will scrape through the whole pool surface. Doing this will scrub tough to see stains that had penetrated on the concrete surface. 

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Final Reminders

Depending on the process the pool must undergo, you as the owner knows what’s best. Several steps exist for you to consider when and how often to clean. See to it that you will adhere to early signs of damage. The quick cleaning you do will save you from long term, lingering problems.

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