The typical time for building a pool is about 9 to 13 weeks. It depends on your location, the pool requirements, and the design that you want to go with. So on average, you can expect to bring your dream pool to life after one month. If you are around Nevada state, a humid region, a pool contractor Las Vegas professionals can do the job fast for 8 to 11 weeks.

Have you seen those “primitive pool makers” on Social Media? Incredible, isn’t it? Watching the swimming pools come to life from scratch looks satisfying.

What about modern swimming pools like those in exquisite Las Vegas resorts? Today’s post will dive deep into building the pool and pool deck resurfacing, pool maintenance, and more!

What are the things you must bear in mind when building a pool?

Now, learn first how to build a water leisure spot in your properties with this guide, checking this list while planning your pool project.

1- How big is the pool I should build?

Of course, first, you need to know how big the pool should be? The size of your backyard will tell you this. You can refer to the average pool size found in Las Vegas.

Usually, a residential pool will measure 15 x 30 feet by 5 feet depth. The perimeter and depth of the pool will now differ if you will use it for commercial properties or public pool facilities, like in a sports complex.

2- How long does it take to build an in-ground or above-ground pool?

Most inground pools take 8-12 weeks. That is your typical swimming pool in both residential and commercial spaces, too. An above-ground pool may seem to finish faster since you won’t have to dig the ground to create the pol basin. But what you need to consider here is the pool deck and pool exterior wall.

3- What design or materials should I use for my pool?

There are various materials you can consider to build the exterior of your pool. But first, list some other essential parts of creating your pool projects. Here are some of them:

The Pool design and Material

    • Vinyl pools
    • Fiberglass pools
    • Concrete pools
    • Travertine
    • Composite Wooden Decks

Fishing and Pool Deck Coatings

    • Epoxy pool decks sealers
    • Spray Knockdown Finish
    • Acrylic-based coating
    • Exposed Aggregates
    • Stamped Overlays

4- Permits and Installation Requirements

Besides building the pool design, you must also prioritize the building permits and other construction requirements. Below are listed in bullets for you to recognize them easily:

  • Pool building permits – Takes 1 to 7 weeks
  • Excavation – 1 week
  • Creating the pool shell and pool liners – 1 to 4 weeks
  • Pool plumbing and filter – 1 to 2 days
  • Hydro lines, pumps, and pipes- 1 to 2 days
  • Electrical wirings and pool deck lightings- 1 to 2 days
  • Landscaping and exterior modeling- 1 to 4 weeks

5- Subcontractors and Schedules

All things considered, every part will fall into place when you hire the right pool contractor. A pool contractor will have everything planned for you. Some companies will provide electrical and other engineering contractors. But beware, because some providers let these details slip from the planning list.

That is why some pool owners get dismayed. It is when a different contract and pay slip is provided for a subcontractor. Avoid indirect hiring of the provider of your choice. You can avoid this problem when you can talk to a reliable pool service, like in Las Vegas concrete pool resurfacing.

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