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Today’s post will let you in on the latest facts and tips to upgrade your pool for 2021. It’s half of the year already. The grey clouds are beginning to dissolve, and brighter light shines for everyone. How is your pool going?

Why do you need new-looking pools? If there are only tiny cracks on the concrete decks, should you call  Las Vegas pool repairs? You may check out the previous posts to tell the signs of pool damages.

But today, learn the latest tips and why you need pool renovation now.

The Latest Pool Renovation: 3 Reasons And Beyond

Reason 1. New Perspective

You might be asking yourself if your swimming pools only take up space. Sometimes you also feel like these are only hassles that take fees from you for maintenance. Right?

Well, one of the reasons why you may need to revisit your pools is to upgrade. Your swimming pools are assets at your home that give you new perspectives. Do not think about demolishing your pools or completely neglecting them.

Do you know that swimming pools are trending today for it is used for therapeutic purposes? Why not give the swimming pools additional features like a hydro massage. Or make an enclosure to recreate the area into an indoor pool. You can post your properties online and have them rented. So now your pools can be for-profit, too.

Reason 2. New Design

Your pools need new designs. Or your pool coping needs to change. The coping detach already, and the pool edge looks so outdated. 

Why not check out trending pool colors for this year and adapt some updated styles. Also, see what a pool plaster costs so you can immediately call an expert pool installer to replaster your pools.

Reason 3. New Materials Means Innovate

You may have old tiles as your pool deckings. Why not consider concrete decks. Concrete pools rarely get significant flaws. Most of the time, you will notice none.

Man applying pool plaster with trowel

What Does Pool Maintenance Require?

Knowing when is the right time to call for a pool maintenance service will help a lot. Regular pool maintenance will save you more future damages. It also helps to increase the lifespan of your concrete pools. In LAs Vegas, a residential property with pools soars in value. It is an excellent investment that you can pass on to your family member or let your children inherit.

The only time you need to hire a professional pool service is once to twice a year.

But, depending on your pool requirements, purpose, and amount of activity that goes on it, monthly upkeep is a must.

There are few things that you need to consider in terms of professional pool maintenance.

How Often Do I Need Pool Maintenance?

Woman Skimming the pool water

Daily Pool Cleaning

You can DIY clean the pools daily—no need to pay for professional services. If you are a commercial pool owner, daily skimming the pool water is a must. Always make sure the pool water gets changed constantly. 

Owners keep a weekly schedule of cleaning the pool decks and the entire pool basin for residential pools.

Check Pool Circulation

 It is necessary to update and clean water regularly. Switching on the pool pumps and filter systems is essential for the clean circulation of the pool water.

Cleaning The Decks

 Pressure washing the pool decks takes place at least once a year. You might only use the residential pool once a year, but cleaning the decks is necessary to remove dust or soils that got stuck on the surface. This is also to remove molds and limes on the concrete deck’s surface especially fo9r commercial pools in constant use. 

Check the pool water balance. Also, check for the pool chemistry. Using a pool test kit, test the pool pH reading. It must maintain a 7.2 and 7.6 pool chemistry balance.

The Monthly Cost Of Pool Maintenance?

If you opt for the monthly pool maintenance, you need to pay $80 to $150 for this. 

What does this include? Here are things that you need to keep in mind with your pool maintenance:

  • Assessment of repairs
  • Repairs and upgrade
  • Deep cleaning
  • Electricity for pumps and filter
  • Filter systems 
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