Are you thinking about updating or building a new commercial pool? Well, you’re in luck because some exciting trends surround the commercial pool industry for 2023.

You also got a team of Pool Resurface Las Vegas contractors to help you know the latest trends.

There’s much to consider regarding commercial pool trends, from durable, energy-efficient designs to sustainable features and technology. And let’s not forget about accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring everyone can enjoy the poo’l

That’s why it’s an exciting time to resurface your Las Vegas resorts and commercial swimming pools! Let’s dive in and explore the latest and most significant trends.

Commercial Pool Trends

Stay up to date with these five cool pool trends and their benefits!

Fiberglass Pool Layer

Fiberglass pools coating are a popular option for homeowners and commercial property owners looking to add a pool to their property. 

These pools are made from a mold of a pre-designed shape and then coated with a gel-coat finish.

These are the most significant advantages of fiberglass pools:

Fiberglass pool shells in blue and white color


Gel-coat pools are easier to clean and maintain than concrete or vinyl liner pools because algae and other microorganisms can’t grow on their orange-peel-like surfaces.

Quick To Install

The pool is brought to the site in one piece and then put in a hole dug to the correct size. Depending on the pool size, manufacturers can do this faster than other ways of building pools in a few days.

Eclectic Design Options

Fiberglass pools offer many shapes and sizes to fit your backyard or business. You can change the color and finish of your pool to make it your own.

Lazy River Pool Shape

A lazy river pool is a unique type of pool that has become increasingly popular because of its vast and winding shape meant to look like the flow of a river.

Commercial lazy river pool

Fun and Relaxing

It’s a fantastic idea to use it to unwind and relax. Kids and adults can blast a party using it with inner tubes and other floatation devices.


You can choose from or design your sizes and styles of lazy river pools. You can get inspiration in hotels, water parks, and private homes.

Wood-Patterned Concrete Stamp For Pool Deck

Using a wood-patterned concrete stamp on your pool deck could be a good idea for several reasons:

Pool deck with wood pattern stamp


Concrete can handle much foot traffic, and the wood-patterned finish will not fade, crack, or chip. It’s perfect for a busy pool deck where everyone is having fun.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural wood, water, termites, or rot don’t damage concrete.

Realistic Look

A pool deck looking like wood can give your pool area a warm, natural look and feel.


Wood stamps for concrete are less expensive than real wood, and it saves money on wood extraction, installation, and upkeep.

Solar LED Underwater Lights

Solar LED underwater lights are the best way to light up your pool at night. Here’s why:

Solar LED underwater lights


They get power from the sun, so you don’t have to run wires or worry about rising energy bills.


They are a match made in heaven for people who want a dash of elegance to their pool area and to create a beautiful nighttime atmosphere.

Eco and Safety Conscious

Solar LEDs are environmentally friendly since they don’t emit greenhouse gases. They are also safe because they don’t heat up.

Sloped Ramp Pool Entry

Sloped ramps make it easy for people with mobility problems, like the elderly, disabled, and young children.

It uses long-lasting materials like concrete or fiberglass. They have a surface that won’t slip to keep people safe.

It uses long-lasting materials like concrete or fiberglass. They have a surface that won’t slip to keep people safe.

Depth To The Beauty

Pool trends are constantly changing, and so many cool options exist. But in the end, it’s best to ensure that your pool fits your lifestyle. Don’t forget that it’s not just about looks; it’s also about safety, how it functions and how accessible it is for everyone.

So, if you’re renovating your pool or building a new one, work with a professional pool builder who can guide you or ensure the pool is perfect.

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